Navy Pier Pierscape Proposal 
In 2010, Studio/lab served as a core member of Team X, one of five finalists selected through an international competition to submit concept proposals for a renovation of the exterior public spaces of Chicago’s Navy Pier. The graphic system includes wayfinding and communication tools adapted for illuminated vendor kiosks, boat ticketing, restaurants, and other various needs. The visual langauge evolves across the length of the pier to express a visual narrative of transition from bustling city to the tranquility of open water at the piers edge. 
Completed while working as a design director at Studio/lab. Credits: Xavier Vendrell Studio; Studio/lab (Marcia Lausen, Tim Wilson, Tara Kennedy, Meeyoung Melamed, Audra Hubbell, Meghan Ferrill, Jeff Harvey)

Morningstar, Chicago
Liberty Studio
Morningstar, Toronto
Nellie Victoria
The Arts Club of Chicago
Cake Diva
Morgan Walsh
John Massey Vision
Signature Vin
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