Chicago Design Museum
The Chicago Design Museum (ChiDM) strengthens design culture and builds community by facilitating the exchange of knowledge through dynamic experiences. Through exhibitions, lectures, tours, and workshops the museum informs it's audiences on the vital role design plays in society.  ​Fundamentally, design has capacity to improve the human condition, and ChiDM strives to make it accessible to everyone through a public space in the Chicago Loop.
The identity for the museum consists of a simple wordmark and stationary system that relies mainly on typography and a unique typeface to carry the brand. The approach allows each exhibition to project a unique identity based on the content without causing tension between the overall museum brand. The wordmark is flexible and playful, adapting to a variety of interpretations and visual explorations while still maintaining it's legibility.
Identity Credits: Matthew Terdich, Yun Jee Nam, Mulan Suzuki 

Mammoth Cave National Park
Lake Point Tower
Great Ideas of Humanity
Signature Vin
Cake Diva
Navy Pier
Morningstar, Toronto
John Massey Vision
Nellie Victoria
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